Aspireiq Influencer Marketing Tool

AspireIQ Influencer Marketing Tool

AspireIQ is one of the best influencer marketing tools for brands looking to build influencer relationships and content at a scale.

They specialise in working with large consumer brands who want to work with Instagram influencers. They’ve worked with the likes Calvin Klein, HelloFresh, GrubHub, GlossyBox and hundreds more.

The platform has four components. First of all a large database of influencers with high engagement and audience size. Second, a sophisticated but easy to use CRM system to coordinate with hundreds of influencers. Third, an analytics dashboard that tracks performance per influencer/content by things like sales, followers driven and engagement. Last, a content library where you can export assets and track results of pictures & video in other places like Facebook and Instagram ads.

Overview of AspireIQ

AspireIQ’s influencer discovery module is where you can search for keywords, hashtags, topics, etc., and then filter the results by specifying follower counts, average likes per post, and other demographic info (for the influencers and their audiences).

But finding influencers isn’t restricted just to searching for them. There are other methods AspireIQ uses so that you can truly discover someone you might not have otherwise seen.

AspireIQ describes their“Quickmatch”feature as the “Tinder for Influencers.” It’s a pretty neat comparison. If you navigate to the Quickmatch tab and you’ll find influencer based on your preferences. As an example, you’ll see a name, profile pic, follower count, average likes, and a short bio. Below that is a grid of their more recent content.

If you’re interested you can then send a general invite to collaborate or make an offer to join an existing campaign.

AspireIQ’s has a powerful social listening capability that makes it easy to find quality influencers. The platform tracks your brand mentions and keeps a list of those who do. In addition, you can monitor the social activity of your competitors; along with influencers who are mentioning them.

Key features of AspireIQ

  • Campaign Creation – set a campaign name and description and restrictions based minimum number of required followers and/or average likes per post
  • Content Guideline Templates – these define the requirements for campaign tasks. You might have, for example, a template for Instagram Photos, and another Instagram Videos, and still another for YouTube videos.
  • Audience preferences – set out preferences based on age, gender, and location.
  • Creator Management – this allows brands to automate product selection, allowing creators who submit a proposal to select the product (or its size, colour, etc.)
  • Auto-response messaging – send a message to any creator who submits a proposal for the campaign.
  • Campaign Lifecycle Management – this enables brands and agencies to drill down and see which creators are in which phase of the campaign.
  • Digital Term Sheets, which are used to spell out the terms and conditions of each individual deal. 
  • Product Tracking – track when a product is shipped to be reviewed or featured in content.
  • Content Collaboration – this allows creators to submit their content to the brands/agencies, who may then check off each requirement spelled out in the digital term sheet.
  • Trackable Sales Links – a generated link through the platform so that each influencer has their own sales link to display in the content.

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