Hypr Influencer Marketing Tool

Hypr Influencer Marketing Tool (Now Juliusworks)

HYPR offers real-time social analytics that gives brands access to audience demographics, geographic data and more.

The platform has access to over twelve million influencer profiles, including direct contact information for them. In addition to this, you can also harness their dedicated account managers to help you find influencers that match your brand.

HYPR has a broad set of tools to help you identify and analyse influencers at scale. The platform also tracks over a billion social media conversations every week. This provides the backbone to identify how influencers impact their audiences.

Hypr Oveview

HYPR’s provides a flexible way to search for influencers:

  1. Topics their audience had been discussing with them online. The system recognizes over 15,000 topic conversations.
  2. Keywords used by the Influencer in the past 6 months;
  3. Hashtags used by the influencer in the past 6 months;
  4. Brand or account mentions made by the influencer in the past 6 months;
  5. Influencer name or online alias.

After starting your search you will be presented with thousands of results.

Hype helps you focus on the right influencers for your brand using filters. Sort influencers by demographic categories—like gender, ethnicity, age group, education and income levels, as well as audience DMA (down to city level).

Furthermore, you can reduce the results based on the influencer’s data – their location, follower count, and the social platform you’re looking to activate on.

With lists, you can group influencers together and hence draft shortlists. Additionally, you can then export your results and share them.

Alternatively, you can export a single influencer profile right from their HYPR profile page with the influencer’s in-depth stat sheet presented on a single page in an attractive and easy to read layout.

Over the last few years, HYPR has continued to innovate, introducing tools that focus on automation.

Hypr Key features

  • Search a database of 12 million+ influencers.
  • Identify true sphere of influence.
  • Search billions of social conversations to instantly identify content topics.
  • Profile influencers audiences – age, gender, geographic location, income levels, race and ethnicity, education, topic interests, and more.
  • Group, evaluate and rank influencers based on their expected contribution within the context of the campaign.
  • Check for audience health and authenticity.
  • Connect with influencers who matter and activate at scale.
  • Easily organize and create lists of influencers and share with your team.
  • Pay influencers at scale across different currencies and countries.
  • Advanced campaign analytics and tracking tools.

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