Lefty Influencer Marketing Tool

Lefty Influencer Marketing Tool

Lefty is an influencer marketing platform with a huge database of influencers and a comprehensive search capability.

Easily pinpoint individuals, personalities, and professionals who can help you reach out to their target markets and audiences to promote your products, services, and brand.

Using Lefty, you can build an effective influencer partnership with and work with them to optimize their online presence, visibility and at the same time promote your brand.

In addition to search, Lefty features allow you to create campaigns. Moreover, you can monitor campaigns using their suite of reports to gain insights and track success.

Left Influencer Marketing Overview

Searching for influencers is simple. You can find influencers based on hashtags and the results appear almost instantly. Furthermore, you can refine searches based on demographics, categories, follower count and brand mentions.

Lefty search function delivers statistics on influencers like reach, average engagement, average likes and comments, as well as minimums and maximums for each. You’ll see the accounts they mention most as well as who mentions them. You can quickly identify if they have worked with other brands before.

Once you have selected your influencers you can add them to an existing campaign (or create a new one). Setting up and managing campaigns is easy and the platform guides you through the initial setup.

Upon creating a campaign you give it a name and a target reach, then define the hashtag and/or user mentions you want to track as part of the monitoring. From there, it’s the standard procedure of creating a brief, publishing it, and reaching out to the influencers you’d like to work with.

Lefty key features

  • Promote Brand Using Influencer Marketing
  • Identify Relevant Influencers
  • Search Through A Database Of 15 Million Influencers Profiles
  • Find The Best Matches
  • Filter Influencers Profiles by demographics and interests
  • Analyze Influencers Profiles
  • Manage Influencer Campaigns
  • Add And Remove Profiles
  • Seeding
  • Collaborate With Influencers
  • Track Stories And Posts

Try Lefty

Lefty provides brands a platform to streamline their influencer marketing programs, from influencer discovery and ambassadors relationship management to performance assessment.

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