Neoreach Influencer Marketing Tool

NeoReach Influencer Marketing Tool

NeoReach is an influencer marketing platform that enables advertisers, brands and agencies to source, build, manage and track their own influencer network and run multiple campaigns.

Overview of NeoReach

Brands can search through the influencer database to find the right profiles based on their target audience, desired content, and performance goals.

NeoReach’s browser-based interface offers workflow automation capabilities for streamlining the influencer activation process.

The suite of tools helps you to effectively plan and track multiple campaigns. Furthermore, in campaigns, you can add custom links to posts and reviews. In addition to this, the platform acts as a centralised communications hub. This allows you to manage influencers from initial contact to the negotiation phase and signing of contracts. NeoReach’s messaging function also makes it easy for all team members to have visibility into the entire process. In essence, the communication features allow you to build relationships with enlisted influencers as well as manage their contracts.

Deadlines for content are tracked along with payment histories. Specific package plan features include an Influencer Projection Calculator, access for unlimited users, exportable influencer lists and more. NeoReach also supports the monitoring of campaign performance data in real-time with filters that measure KPI’s across ROI, CPM, CPE, impressions, engagements, and more.

For each influencer involved in a campaign, you can drill down into your messages, view contracts, and track the progress and performance of content.

The analytics and reporting provided by NeoReach also allow you to analyse your reach and calculate ROI. NeoReach has developed its own method for calculating ROI, something they call Influencer Media Value (IMV). IMV is a lot like Earned Media Value (EMV), a calculation which marketers have used for years to demonstrate the true value of non-traditional methods of advertising. IMV does the same, except the formula involves metrics specific to influencer campaigns and sponsored posts.

Key features of NeoReach

  • Influencer database contains over 3 million people
  • Search & Analyze Influencers
  • Filter Results – 40 available filters, including keywords, social platforms, profile performance, and audience demographics – like age, gender, location, language, income, brand affinity, and more.
  • Workflow Automation – automate influencer activation process.
  • Campaign planning
  • Coordinate influencer relationships
  • Manage contracts
  • Track deadlines
  • Review posts
  • Track payments

Try Neoreach

Neoreach is an Influencer marketing platform built for scale. Seamlessly search, manage, and track user-generated content campaigns.

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