Lumanu Influencer Marketing Tool

Lumanu Influencer Marketing Tool

Lumanu acts as a dashboard for all your influencers content. It empowers marketers to buy media through people who create content at scale to drive measurable ROI.

Overview of Lumanu

Lumanu has two sections to navigate between. First of all, you have the influencer manager. This is where you load the influencers you’re working with into the Lumanu database. Note that they remain on your account and are not shared.

Adding influencers can be done in bulk through a CSV import. Lumanu identifies any errors such as invalid URLs and deleted FaceBook or Instagram pages. After resolving any errors, influencers are uploaded to the platform.

From the influencer manager section, you get some basic data about your influencers. After importing them, you invite your influencers to authorise Lumanu to get at their more advanced data.

Essentially, Lumanu invites them to join your“Social Cert” network, which they authorise by signing in through their Facebook and/or Instagram profile. After this is done, Lumanu pulls in content from Facebook and Instagram (including Stories!)—along with the statistics for each post – it’s performance and engagement level.

Lumanu then figures out which content is the best. When you are in the Content Manager section, you then search through your influencer content. As an example, you can filter on keywords, hashtags, mentions, and more. Another cool feature: you can save these searches and any new content that matches will automatically be added to the results.

Once you’d found the particular piece of content you want to boost. In the Content Manager, you simply select the posts you want to use, submit them, and you’re done.

The SmartBoost Manager, optimizes the distribution of your media based on your objective, taking into account the influencer data you. This means finding lookalike audiences for each channel and advertising directly to them.

In addition to this, you can also provide additional targeting guidance by defining filters (audience geography, gender, age) and adding additional Facebook interest audiences. But your best bet is to use the SmartBoost.

Content is boosted according to your objectives: Reach, Engagement, Link Clicks, and conversions. Unlike an organic post, Lumanu allows you to attach a call to action button (Learn More or Shop Now) to your posts when boosting.

You can use the call to action URL link to track clicks and sales performance.

Key features of Lumanu

  • SocialCert allows creators to easily share content, audiences, and usage rights with marketers. 
  • Creators can see how their content performs through media channels.
  • Lumanu automatically ingests content from your creators, complete with organic data across Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Marketers can transform creator content for optimal paid media distribution. 
  • SmartBoost is built for Influential Media. Automatically create ads using creator content and publish natively. 
  • SmartBoost is integrated with Facebook Ads Manager, allowing savvy media buyers to push performance to new heights.

Try Lumanu

Lumanu empowers marketers to buy media through creator content at scale to drive measurable ROI.

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