Upfluence Influencer Marketing Tool

Upfluence Influencer Marketing Tool

Upfluence has a database of over 3 million influencers with a collective reach of 82 billion followers. The platform indexes and updates all profiles in real time, with every piece of content analysed for reach and engagement. Demographic data is also available for Instagram e.g. age, gender, location (provided the influencer authorises it).

Overview of Upfluence

You can search on Upfluence to find influencers using keywords that relate to your influencer marketing goals. The art of finding the right influencers is to ensure you focus on your audience segments. Using keywords though you can narrow the number of influencers from your search.

A very powerful feature of Upfluence is that you can place a relative weight on each keyword. In other words, make some more important than others. This significantly narrows results even further.

The platform interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. With Upfluence, the left side of the screen is where you type search terms, and the right side displays the number of results based on your search.

As you refine your search results you can place influencers into lists and then export a list to a CSV file. By creating new data fields in the CSV, you can add more personal details into the message templates, which can refer back to these data fields to fill in blanks so that each influencer gets their a personal message.

Team members have visibility into any message sent to or from influencers. Furthermore, there’s a life-cycle management feature that shows you your progress for each influencer. As an example, outstanding negotiations, content you’re waiting for, payment status…

The social listening feature provides you with the ability to track selected hashtags to identify what’s trending. You can also create streams to monitor specific influencers. Furthermore, you can monitor your competitors, their activities, mentions and influencers that are engaged with them.

Key features of Upfluence

  • Extensive influencer database
  • Regular network updates and quality control screenings to ensure legitimacy of influencers
  • Advanced search functions
  • Real-time insights on searched influencers and keywords
  • Influencer bios with detailed and up-to-date statistics (location, scope of expertise, influence and relevancy scores, number of followers per platform, engagement rates)
  • Export searches
  • Scaleable contacting tools
  • Marketing support from strategists, media planners, industry specialists, and developers
  • Generated engagements
    Comprehensive tracking technology to assess a campaign’s effectiveness
  • Reputation monitoring

Try Upfluence

Upfluence is a leading influencer marketing company. Find top influencers, manage your campaigns and measure your results with our influencer technology.

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