Dealspotr Is A Free Social Network To Meet And Collaborate With Lifestyle Influencers.

Dealspotr Influencer Marketing Tool

Dealspotr is a crowdsourcing platform for deal sharing that taps into the power of community to maintain what is now the internet’s largest database of promo codes. The Dealspotr Marketplace is an influencer marketing platform that’s easy to use, low cost, and features help brands reach positive ROI when working with micro-influencers.

Overview of Dealspotr Marketplace

Dealspotr is different in that it is purely a self-serve platform. In the same way that you use Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, you create a campaign, track your analytics, and manage communications and logistics on your dashboard. Dealspotr’s Marketplace handles notifications, reminders, and payments for you.

And Dealspotr also a social network, sort of like LinkedIn. Importantly, it’s free to use. For example, people use LinkedIn mostly for free as a social tool to connect with other people about jobs and work opportunities. You may pay for enhanced features or to list a job, but LinkedIn is first and foremost a social network that’s open and free to use. Dealspotr is just like this. We’re an open social network for shopping, where brands, influencers, and shoppers can all connect together to share and discover today’s best deals.

As a brand on Dealspotr, you can claim your page, login, and start browsing and connecting with the influencers on our platform for free. You can post deals which shoppers will see on their feeds, post discussions, even share your own links and content. Shoppers can follow you, message you, and you can even see your daily social statistics to see what’s resonating with your followers.

What brands to pay for on Dealspotr is each influencer’s fee when they promote your brand. Here’s how it works. You create your campaign on Dealspotr, outlining who you want to work with and how you want them to promote you. You fund your campaign with as much or as little as you’d like to get started with. $100 is a good place to start if you’d like to experiment with smaller or mid-size influencers, $500 to $1,000 if you’d like to work with larger influencers.

Publish your campaign, and influencers will begin applying. You can also proactively browse and invite particular influencers you’re interested in working with. You’ll see each influencer’s profile, social links and stats, and fee (which we calculate for you, more on this in a sec).

Once you decide to work with an influencer, Dealspotr will kick off the campaign process which includes mailing and receipt of product samples, reviewing content, and handling revisions. Once you’re happy with a given influencer’s content promoting your brand, you can approve their campaign and their fee is debited from your account and credited to theirs. Dealspotr takes a 20% cut of this fee, so there’s no fee you pay beyond each influencer’s posted rate.

Once an influencer’s content has been posted for you, we’ll report for you in real-time on your dashboard the clicks and sales originating from this content. If you’re happy with the results, you can add more funds to your campaign and keep working with more influencers, managing all the logistics and tracking clicks and sales all on your Dealspotr dashboard.

That’s how influencer campaigns on Dealspotr works in a nutshell.

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The LinkedIn of Influencer Marketing. Dealspotr is a free social network to meet and collaborate with lifestyle influencers.

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