Buzzstream Outreach Marketing Tool

BuzzStream Influencer Outreach Tool

Buzzstream is a relationship and outreach CRM that allows you to manage and grow a large volume of outreach campaigns if used correctly.

BuzzStream automates a lot of the legwork involved with outreach and in that way it saves you a lot of time. You can do all of your outreach in one place. However, although it is easy to navigate and use, you do need to structure your account properly.

If you plan on sending less than 100 outreach emails/month, I would recommend you opt for something much simpler such as the free version of Yesware and a Google spreadsheet.

Overview of Buzzstream

The link building tool works as a CRM for link building activity and helps you track of your contacts and conversations with potential link partners.

The email management features are robust and you get the full history for each contact from within your BuzzStream’s contact database.

Overall the tool’s system is very intuitive with an easy to follow workflow. It makes it easy to manage the entire link building process. You can have a list of link building projects and easily track the progress of each project.

The ‘outreach’ module has a bank of template and mail merge features. This helps you research and add quality link prospects to your database and then utilise the outreach to send emails. I do suggest personalising them and your proposition though.

Buzzstream is available in a range of plans. Each plan has different features depending on the outreach project you want. The range in price of the plans also then determines the amount of link building projects you want can manage and the number of users you can reach.

Key features of Buzzstream

  • Research prospects
  • Find email addresses
  • Send follow-up emails
  • Track reply rates

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