extole influencer marketing tool

Extole Influencer Marketing Tool

Extole you can deliver and optimize a sharing experience tailored to your brand. Their advocacy platform integrates the Lead Generation solution across all devices and channels. Marketers create an acquisition channel by encouraging their customers to refer new customers on site, in-app, and offline.

Using Extole, companies can reward customers who share their messages or talk about them within social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or via more traditional forums such as email or blogs. (Pinterest is being added in the near future.) These rewards can be very specific, such as a $15 coupon for a future purchase or discounts.

Extole’s concept has plenty of big-name advocates, including Vistaprint, Shutterfly, Kate Spade New York, J. Hilburn, The New York Times, and SkyMall, which are all customers. During its most recent quarter, it added 40 new customers including T-Mobile and it secured an additional $10 million in Series C round venture capital funding in February 2012.

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Extole is the industry-leader in referral marketing and helps brands create, manage, and optimize refer-a-friend programs to increase customer acquisition.

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