Mavrck Influencer Marketing Tool

Mavrck Influencer Marketing Tool

Mavrck is a leading all-in-one influencer marketing platform enabling companies such as Kraft Heinz, Godiva, and PepsiCo to harness the power of ideas people trust. Marketers use Mavrck to identify and activate influencers, advocates, referrers, and loyalists to create authentic insights and content at scale across touchpoints. 

Mavrck is one of the partners who have integrated the Pinterest API into their platforms, which allows businesses to view key statistics such as followers, impression counts, click-through rates and monthly views.

Mavrck finding influencers, micro-influencers specifically, who are already your customers. It’s part of a thoroughly programmatic approach to all aspects of influencer marketing.

Overview of Mavrck

Mavrck works by integrating existing digital platforms. You can set up a branded standalone microsite, or integrate with your existing website, mobile app, and even email newsletter platform.

As an example, if Mavrck is integrated with your website, it will grab all your customer data as they log in via their social profile. As a result, you get the number of followers, posts, engagement (likes and comments), brand affinities, favourite movies, hometown…

Following this, each customer is profiled according to their influence. At this point, dependent on how influential this customer might be, and if they qualify, then they are automatically activated and invited into a campaign.

Customers then have the opportunity to connect their other social channels Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Mavrck’s focus on micro-influencers, whom they define as having between 500 and 10K followers, doesn’t mean those are the only people on the platform. All that content the influencers create on your behalf is designed to get people back to your site to register or buy something. At that point, they can sign on, too, and you get access to them, not just email but the data they’ve supplied via their social network.

Once you’ve got all your programs/activities/segments in place, Mavrck pretty much takes it from there. All that’s left to do is sit back and watch your dashboard, which is loaded with data. The Mavrck database currently holds:

  • 11 million micro-influencers
  • Over 100 million social profiles, and all that that entails
  • 2 billion social posts
  • Hundreds of billion likes, comments, and shares

Key features of Mavrck

Mavrck Review Influencer Marketing Tool
  • White label brand experience
  • Forecast results
  • Key performance benchmarking
  • Dynamic relationship management
  • Automated fraud and brand safety detection
  • All-in-one workflow automation
  • Analytics and reporting

Try Mavrck

Mavrck all-in-one influencer marketing platform harnesses the power of influencers, advocates, referrers, and loyalists people trust.

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