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JustReachOut is a service that connects you with journalists in your niche to help you gain access to other blogs, websites, journals, magazines, etc.

Overview of JustReachOut

The first thing you do on JustReachOut is to identify reporters who have written articles about topics related to your startup. The service will then look for those and come back with a list of recent articles about the topic and the names of their writers.

After that, you click on the writer’s name and then you are taken to an email form that’s already pre-filled with a standard pitch. You could run with that. However, if you want to get a positive result then you should craft your own.

However, you can contact JustReachOut and they will work with you to craft a much better pitch (and I recommend you do that because you really want to personalize these kinds of emails as much as you can).

JustReachOut has some limits on how many emails you can send to ensure that startups aren’t pushing stories too hard and to too many writers.

The focus of the service isn’t so much on just getting email addresses, but on getting you to learn more about how to do startup PR right.

Key features of JustReachOut

  • Journalist Search & Pitch Engine
  • Press Opportunity Search Engine
  • Email Pitch Templates
  • Email Address Verification
  • Pitch Analytics & Benchmark Data
  • Unlimited Email Sends Per Month
  • Guest Post Search & Pitch
  • Link Building Search Engine
  • PR Pro Program (15+ video lessons)
  • PR Strategy Calls With A PR Expert
  • On-demand Pitch Writing Help
  • Access to Our Vetted Pool of PR Pros for Hire
  • Monthly PR Accountability Calls

Try JustReachOut

JustReachOut find the most relevant journalists, influencers and bloggers as well as why they’re interested in your story.

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