Curalate Influencer Marketing Tool

Curalate (Now BazaarVoice)

Curalate lets you use social content and audiences to sell more effectively online. Make any social channel shoppable, leverage user-generated content (UGC), and activate influencers.

Overview of Curalate

The platform works by connecting visual content (images, art, etc.) to products and services. Curalate works on all types of media, ingesting and monetizing images, videos and 360 content from various platforms. Once the content is tagged, Curalate can then distribute it. As an example, the platform integrates with email, social channels, on-site, blogs, and paid media.

As a result, customers see images and videos of your products raising brand awareness and product discovery.

Curalate helps your business fully maximize the potential of your brand’s images, videos, and other visual content by helping customers connect your images. The software facilitates the customer’s journey right from the moment of discovery to making a purchase.

Most customers these days discover new products online and but then end up frustrated because they can’t find the seller. Curalate effectively takes that off the equation by fully optimizing digital commerce for discovery. Consumers are able to discover their next purchase and then make that purchase with ease.

This tool has been responsible for significantly improving incoming website traffic for many major brands. As consumers are able to connect pictures and videos to sellers and subsequently make a purchase

Fossil, a global fashion brand reported a 278% increase in their Instagram traffic. Another fashion giant, Forever 21, experienced a 24% increase in time on site. As people spend more time on social media discover becomes more important.

Key features of Curalate

Curalate Influencer Marketing Features
  • Social-tracking tools.
  • Content discovery.
  • Media-tagging engine connects images and videos to the products depicted within them.
  • Robust analytics
  • Remote checkout
  • CRM acquisition
  • Tailored design
  • Moving animation features to grab attention
  • Custom templates
  • Run contests and campaigns across your discovery channels.

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