tagger media influencer marketing tool

Tagger Media Influencer Marketing Tool

Tagger Media provides research and analytics tools combined with a complete workflow for efficient content marketing management and measurement. With a database of more than 3 million global influencers, Tagger allows its many clients such as Jaguar/Land Rover, P&G, Diageo, Olay, Warner Music Group, Twitter, Mediacom, and Ketchum PR to identify the best influencer partnerships and effectively measure their campaigns’ success to maximize ROI.

Overview of Tagger Media

Tagger media is a marketplace where you can search for influencers who you might like to work with, Additionally, you can create campaigns and invite influencers, or make them open so anyone can apply.

Tagger Media makes managing influencers and their content submissions easy. Furthermore, the analytics and reporting allow you to analyse the performance of all posts and influencers and measure your ROI.

Tagger Media data and insights are extremely powerful. The platform’s focus on psychographics sets it apart. Tagger social listening feature analyses what people are talking about to identify their interests and affinities.

As a result, brands and agencies can precisely focus on content that will drive engagement with influencer audiences. It also provides the same precision in identifying an audience predisposed to engage with an already-planned content strategy. The platform can also dissect audience interests and find where they overlap with your brand.

The dashboard neatly organises all your marketing efforts. As an example, influencers can be organised into groups, even within the same campaign. This is very useful when you are producing different types of content or publishing across several platforms.

You can also track the progress of content as each piece is submitted from influencer activation through to publication. What’s more, is that Tagger’s customisable workflow tools are accessible for teams. The platform handles users, teams, and roles, so that information flows freely to the people who need to see it.

Just like the search feature, you can dive into analytics to review any campaign posts. Furthermore, Tagger Media covers all the normal Influencer Marketing metrics such as engagement, conversions, ROI, CPE and audience data. In addition, you can review the performance of each influencer.

Key features of Tagger Media

  • Competitive analysis – review competitors’ audiences and see what creators and influencers are saying about them.
  • Reporting – understand audience growth, measure & benchmark social engagement, compare competitors.
  • Understand your Brand’s Audience.
  • Content Insights.
  • Quickly search and filter millions of social accounts and posts.
  • Discover influencers – creator category, location & gender
  • Platform & Content Stats (Growth Rate, Engagement Rate)
  • Analyse Audience Demographics
  • Search on keywords, hashtags & mentions
  • Review affinity to other brands & creators
  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Communication Management
  • A suite of tools to analyse campaigns

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