Quuu Promote Influencer Marketing Tool

Quuu Promote Influencer Marketing Tool

Quuu Promote is a content promotion channel that helps individuals, brands, and businesses find and share the best content online.

Instead of manually finding and promoting interesting content online, people and brands use Quuu Promote to help automate the process so to save time and extend the reach of the content time. Overall the process is easy and automated and you can still maintain a high level of quality.

Overview of Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote works in two ways: Either you can use it to find great content to share on your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, or you can use Quuu Promote to promote your content to others that will then share your content on their social profiles. We use Quuu as part of our content promotion strategy, so we use it to promote our content to others so they can share it with their audiences.

Quuu Promote is unique from other content promotion channels in a few ways. First, they filter all content submissions through their own reviewal process where they weed out inappropriate, spam, and irrelevant content and they even make small edits to fix errors and typos. This ensures that everything being promoted and shared through their platform is high-quality and helps their users gain more social interaction.

Secondly, Quuu Promote segments every post promoted on its platform into interest categories so content is always being shared to the most relevant niche. This helps boost engagement and improves traction on the posts that you promote or share. There are over 500 topics to pick from, so there’s a category for every business.

Some of the advice Quuu offers in their Quuu Promote Best Practices Guide so if you’re looking for more suggestions, check out their guide.

  • Make Great Content: First and foremost, if you don’t have great content people won’t share it which means fewer shares and clicks overall. Focus on making great content, first. Check out our Content Strategy Guide to learn what we do to create great content.
  • Create Compelling Copy: Whether you stick to long copy or straight-to-the-point sentences, better copy will mean better results.
  • Adhere to the Guidelines: To maintain their high standard of quality, Quuu has some guidelines that all post promoters need to follow. Our posts have been turned away at the last minute for (accidentally) not adhering to their guidelines, so check out their guidelines ahead of time.
  • Pick the Relevant Audience: Achieving success on Quuu Promote is largely due to categorizing your posts into the most relevant interest category, so always pick the best category that suits the core audience you’re trying to reach.
  • Include Hashtags: Use anywhere from 1-3 relevant hashtags in your posts to make them more engaging and discoverable.
  • Some Emojis: As of right now, Quuu doesn’t support all forms of emojis so you might see some of them turn into question marks when you go to submit your post for review. Don’t panic, as the Quuu Promote team will remove any unsupported emojis from your post when they review it.
  • Don’t Add Other Links: The posts you promote can only feature their own custom link created by Quuu, so don’t try to add in any others.
  • Include Mentions: Mention your own social media account or give credit to the source of the content you’re sharing by using the “@” sign and the relevant Twitter handle.
  • Add Images: You can add your own images to your posts just by uploading them, or you can let Quuu select the feature image of your content instead.

Try Quuu Promote

Quuu ensures you’ll always have relevant content to share with your audience on social media. Content curation can be a tiresome process, so by automating it.

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