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Popular Chips Influencer Marketing Tool

Popular Chips allows you to monitor influencers and competitors on Instagram and gives you unique demographics data.

Overview of Popular Chips

The Influencer Discovery section works like other platforms and is intuitive. You can specify categories/interests, minimums and maximums on followers, locations, and the demographics of the influencers’ audiences.

The demographics search is precise and lets you go further by adding in the minimum percentage for these. You can filter on other details e.g. average likes, average comments, the engagement rate, engagement growth and size of the audience.

Working through a list of influencers then is easy and you can quickly focus on the influencers that have the highest potential for your brand. You can also view the percentage of an audience that’s either fake or inactive. In addition to this, the best time to post content if you work with them. One further interesting feature is the ability to compare influencers side-by-side so you can make a judgement call as you narrow your results to a short list.

Key features of Popular Chips

  • Audience demographics – detailed demographic distribution of the followers of any influencer in the world.
  • Performance analysis – quick reports to easily improve your Influencers Marketing KPIs.
  • Competitor benchmarking – learn from your competitors’ strategies: Which influencers are they engaging?
  • Social listening – who is using your #HashTags and who is tagging your brand?
  • Influencer Search Engine
  • Fake/Inactive Follower Analysis
  • Audience Demographic Analysis and Content Analysis
  • Influencer Performance Comparisons
  • Past Collaborations between Influencers and Competitors
  • PDF Reporting & Data Exports
  • Live Campaign Reports
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Influencer Management Custom Branded Reports
  • KPI Tracking and Audience Overlap

Try Popular Chips

Popular Chips is an Influencer Marketing Analytics SaaS. Management tools to track every influencer you’re working with and understand the ROI.

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