Social Event Management Infographic

The Social Event Management Infographic – 3 Steps To Ignite Your Event On Social Media

One of the biggest challenges in social event management is understanding how to optimise your event using social media.

Every event manager needs to ensure that they increase brand awareness of their event and translate awareness into bookings.

What’s Changed In Event Management

Event management is now more technically focused across the whole event cycle. Pre-event there are lots of opportunities to generate brand awareness through social channels and media.

In terms of the customer experience, there is a range of incredible technologies that allow customers to interact with a brand in novel ways.

How To Use Social Media For Your Event

Social media is less about you and more about who you are connected to and influencers. Social media is a paid gig, you either need to engage and pay influencers and their agencies. Check out these influencer marketing platforms.

Reach new audiences

Facebook uses facial recognition software to suggest tags on photos. Use this powerful technology to reach a broader audience. As attendees tag their friends, your posts will show up in more event-goers’ feeds.

To take advantage of the tech, encourage attendees and staff to post to Facebook. Add official event photos to a branded Facebook album. After the event, remind people to tag themselves and their friends in the pictures.

RFID for event sponsors

Experienced event organizers already know how to use RFID to replace tickets and physical payments. In 2019, the next step will be using RFID to upgrade sponsorship experiences. Faster activation check-ins increase engagement. Sponsors can gather data without interrupting the experience. This enables sponsors to get more creative with raffles and polls operated by virtual participation (RFID taps).

event apps

When integrated seamlessly, event apps add tremendous value. Attendees at large scale events expect them, and sponsors benefit from the data they provide.

Conference and business event apps help attendees track speakers and networking opportunities. Consumer event and festival apps help attendees bookmark locations and create custom lineups.

AI-powered matchmaking

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence (AI) is among the most promising and least understood technologies in the event space. It applies fast processing and intelligent algorithms to large amounts of data to detect patterns and learn from them.

Seamless lead retrieval

Lead management technology was designed to address these pain points and offer exhibitors a faster, smoother way to exchange information and more time to focus on making quality connections. These interfaces typically smooth out the qualification process with a series of customizable question prompts, connect onsite sales teams to avoid duplicating work and data, and integrate with common CRMs to facilitate a faster follow-up from the sales teams back at the office.

Social Event Management Infographic

Managing and marketing events can be done by integrating a variety of platforms to deliver a seamless customer experience.

There are now numerous solutions that you can use to help not only with the management of your event but also with event marketing.

However, it is social media that offer the greatest opportunity to market an event and to build an audience both before and after the event.

The Event Design Toolkit is now how I work with event companies to design powerful events.

I produced this social event management infographic as a guide for how social media can be used to help promote your event online.

Social Event Infographic

Some useful social event management tools

If you are running a social event and want to use WordPress then I highly recommend you use Event Espresso – a brilliant and well-supported plugin (best in class).

Using a WordPress Event Booking System like Event Expresso will save you a lot of time and effort. It integrates with email providers, offers social sharing capabilities and a whole lot more.

5 Best Event Management Plugins


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