rebrandly the branding tool to create personalised links

Rebrandly is a tool to help you create custom links that are short and branded to your business. Branded links make it easy for visitors, potential clients, and business partners to remember. Furthermore, they just look tidier and are take up less space when you use them on social media. An added bonus as well is that you can track clicks.

Rebrandly delivers a straight-forward and simple process, allowing you to transform your long URLs or links into a short one. Once the short custom links are generated, you can easily share them on various social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Overview of Rebrandly

Every link showcases your brand name and provides another professional touch to your overall brand. Moreover, branded links help increase CTR up to 39% when compared to generic short URLs.

Customers tend to trust links that contain your brand name and service as opposed to long, boring links. As your business credibility increases with branded links, your click-through rate can increase by as much as 39% as compared to using generic short URLs. This is why many international companies, brand ambassadors, and influencers are now using branded links instead of generic ones.

With branded links, brands are more effectively representing the content they distribute as people will see the association between brand and content from the start. This encourages and cultivates trust on behalf of the audience because it makes it clear that what’s being shared is really endorsed by the brand itself.

Key features of Rebrandly

  • Bulk link creation
  • Custom URL slugs
  • QR Code
  • Private reporting
  • API access
  • Mobile app
  • Browser extension
  • App integrations
  • Link tags
  • Link notes
  • Emojis on links
  • Email support

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Rebrandly is the most comprehensive link management platform to brand, track and share short URLs using a custom domain name.

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