30 Value Proposition Examples

Value Proposition Examples: 30 of The Best Ever Created

Knowing how to create a compelling value proposition is challenging.

Often people quickly come up with a slogan or tagline rather than creating a simple to understand value proposition immediately gets traction with a potential customer.

One quick way to gain inspiration for your own value proposition is to understand what some of the brands and businesses do.

In this article, I’ve pulled together a list of value proposition examples and why they are so powerful.

If you are still at the stage of trying to figure out how and why a value proposition is so important, I would suggest you read the article on How To Use The Value Proposition Canvas.

The Value Proposition Canvas
Value Proposition Examples – Start With The Value Proposition Canvas

Great value propositions immediately connect with a customer because they address a problem that a customer is looking for.

What Makes a Good Value Proposition?

A unique and strong value proposition communicate your brand’s why in a way that:

  • Speaks to your audience.
  • Clear, concise and easy to understand.
  • Communicates your brand promise.
  • Provides evidence of value.

Value proposition: tell me why I should buy from you

Kotler – in his book “Kotler on Marketing” – defines a value proposition as an answer to a key question that your potential customer has: “why should I buy from you?

In choosing a value proposition, Kotler argues that buyers think in terms of “value for money: or what they get for what they pay.”

You offer value by understanding how you improve your customer’s life, solve the problems they face while trying to do a job.

Broad Value Categories

Value Proposition Categories
Value Proposition Examples – Ideas
  • Performance – improve a task, process or an overall result e.g. sales.
  • Risk reduction – reduce the level of uncertainty in making a decision or an investment e.g. money-back guarantee.
  • Accessibility – provide access to otherwise expensive assets or experiences.
  • Customization – provide a product or service that is tailored to an individual’s needs.
  • Convenience – make it easier to do – quicker to get done.
  • Connectivity – make it easy to connect buyers to sellers e.g. Musical talent to fans (Spotify).
  • Save money – compare the market and hence find the best price e.g. hotel comparison sites.
  • Social status – make me look good feel good – enhance how people see me.
  • Design – make something unique and aesthetically appealing.
  • Experiences – moments (either individual or shared) that enrich or enhance a person’s life.

What makes your Business Valuable?

If people don’t understand the value you offer and why they should buy your product or service over another value offer, then you will simply find it hard to compete.

You’re probably waste valuable dollars on advertising.

People pay attention to your value proposition first and then take action if they believe and understand it.

A value proposition is a believable set of reasons that persuade people to take notice and take action.

When you craft a powerful value proposition it becomes a central part of your marketing communications and woven into how you design and deliver your brand.

If you don’t have a strong value proposition, people don’t take action and inevitably they will use your competitors.

A strong value proposition makes your business distinct from the competition, In turn, that gives your business an advantage in the market and you will:

  • Attract and convert more customers.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Command higher prices.
  • Outperform your competition.

Why Invest in Crafting Your Value Proposition?

Value Proposition Benefits
Value Proposition examples – Benefits

I’ve walked into loads of businesses and asked the simple questions “why should a customer buy from you?”.

Most CEO’s, marketing officers and teams usually reply with a long list of reasons centred around the features and benefits of their products or services or they simply rant on about how great they are as a company.

Few hit the mark and tell me their value proposition and even fewer make it easy to understand.

That means they haven’t invested in the fundamentally understanding their customer and that is risky ground to be on.

While you may have traction because of a brand or p[roduct that doesn’t guarantee the future of the business.

Common Mistakes To Make When Creating Your Value Proposition

Lack of Proof

Most corporates, business owners and entrepreneurs love their product. They passionately believe its the best in the market. Simply why you think it is great is not the same as understanding why customers think it is good or useful.

Not Being Clear

Clearly explain the value in terms that doesn’t make people have to think about it.

Not Testing

Your first attempt at framing your value proposition is unlikely to be the best. There is only one of improving and that is to test it. AB testing is an unbelievably fast and effective way to quickly see how and what customers think.

One rule, do not just do one AB test, repeat across several version until you’re sure you have the right fit.

what is a unique value proposition?

A unique value proposition is one that clearly communicates your value to customers and how you are different from your competitors in the market.

So, what goes into a good value proposition, and where should you begin?

Use words that customer use

The best value propositions us the same language as customers. The same style and tone of language will hook potential customers.

clarity before creativity

Above all, you must ensure your value proposition is clear. Sounds obvious, right? Your value proposition needs to serve many purposes, so achieving crystalline clarity can be quite difficult.

Your value proposition should be relatively short, two to three short sentences maximum.

Value Proposition Ad Libs

Ad-libs are a great way to quickly shape alternative directions for your value proposition. They force you to pinpoint how exactly you are going to creating value.

Value Proposition Ad Lib
Value proposition ad lib

Geoff Moore’s Value Positioning Statement

For [target customer] who [statement of the need or opportunity], our [product/service name] is [product category] that [statement of benefit].

Steve Blank’s XYZ

We help [X] to [Y] by [Z].

Customer-Problem Solution

Customer: [who your target audience is] Problem: [what problem you’re solving for the customer] Solution: [what is your solution to the problem]

What Else Do You Need?

A Value Proposition is your hub. The centre point for your marketing but you need to include supporting elements.

  • Social proof – evidence of customers and testimonials.
  • Supporting benefits – e.g. other ways that you products or services help customers.

Plus small value points that can help tip the scale – here are a few examples:

  • Free shipping.
  • Fast shipping/Next-day shipping.
  • Free bonus with purchase.
  • Free setup/installation.
  • No setup fee.
  • No long-term contract, cancel any time.
  • License for multiple computers (vs. 1).
  • (Better than) money-back guarantee.
  • A discounted price (for a product).
  • Customizable.

What is value proposition example?

I often get asked to pick out one value proposition. that really provides a best-in-class example. Here are two, one for b2b and the other for b2c.

What is a Good B2B Value Proposition Example

B2B Value Proposition Example
b2b value proposition example

Shopify – “Build an online business—no matter what business you’re in” is the tagline and their value proposition is that they are the best all-in-one solution for you to sell products online.

30 Value Proposition Examples To Inspire You

The first of the value proposition examples is Dollar Shave Club.

1. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is squarely aimed at the male market and its products are all about grooming.

Dollar Shave Club
Value Proposition Examples – Dollar Shave Club

Business model: Subscription business model for razors.

The Dollar Shave Club value proposition is built around convenience, ease of use and price.

Value proposition: The Dollar Shave Club helps people by offering quality blades and other products delivered to your door at lower costs than big brands in retail shops.

On their site they also have supporting benefits:

  • Free delivery.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Cancel anytime.

2. Patagonia

Value Proposition Examples Patagonia
value proposition examples Patagonia

Products: Men’s and women’s clothing

Patagonia is a clothing brand focuses on sustainable production and reuse of clothing.

Value Proposition: Patagonia makes products in a more environmentally responsible way. In addition, they actively help customers to repair clothing rather than simply discard or replace.

Their website is full of stories from their members and community that reinforce their value proposition and their brand identity.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest Strapline
Value Proposition Examples – Pinterest

Business Model, Product/Service: A platform for bookmarking, sharing and collecting visual media.

Strapline: “The World’s Catalog of Ideas”

Pinterest a platform that allows you to curate (pin) images from multiple sources to boards. Other Pinners can then view and pin images from your boards to theirs. As a result, Pinners collect and share millions of photos and other images each day.

Value proposition: Pinterest centres on the discovery of ideas and inspiration. The platform is particularly good for sharing fashion, cooking, home design and other themes.

4. The Honest Company

The Honest Company
Value Proposition Examples – The Honest Company

Business Model, Product/Service: ECommerce store that sources and sells non-toxic, eco-friendly, effective and beautiful family products.

Value proposition: Parents are increasingly concerned with chemicals that might affect the health of their children as well as having an impact on the environment.

The Honest Company‘s value proposition is an easy place to find, order and get delivery of eco-friendly products.

5. Canva

Canva Value Proposition
The Value proposition of Canva

Create beautiful designs with your team. Use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and print business cards, logos, presentations and more.


Business Model, Product/Service: Canva is an online graphics tool for editing, creating and distributing images.

Strapline: “Design anything, Publish anywhere“.

Value Proposition: The Canva value proposition is all about simplicity. More complex tools like Abobe Photoshop can be overwhelming for people that want to edit photos and be able to produce their own marketing graphics. Their target audience is people that want to produce graphics without the cost of hiring a graphic designer or having to spend months learning Adobe.

6. Peloton

Value Proposition Examples
Value proposition examples – Peloton

Business Model, Product/Service: Peloton, best known for its connected bike allows users to stream cycling classes on-demand.

Peloton has seen huge growth recently with the rising trend towards fitness and a healthier lifestyle. Fast internet speed and the cheap availability of sensors has provided the technology to enable new business models.

Value proposition: Peloton offers convenience by being able to create a fitness regime around your own timetable rather than the gym’s schedule. The live-streaming studio cycling classes can be also selected based on your fitness level.

7. Casper

Casper Startup
Value proposition examples Casper

Business Model, Products/Services: Casper manufactures mattresses and sells them directly to consumers.

One perfect mattress at a friendly price point. …

Value proposition: Casper offers lower prices by cutting out distribution through retailers and at the same time a high-quality product that fits a range of budgets.

8. Soylent

Soylent Value Proposition Example
Value Proposition Examples – Soylent

Business Model, Product/Services: Direct to consumer eCommerce.

Strapline: Soylent product contains a complete blend of everything the body needs to thrive.

Value proposition: Soylent’s proposition offers a convenient and healthy way to get everything your body needs in one drink. Soylent includes protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and micronutrients.

Competitors: YFood, Saturo, Mana, Plenny Drink and Feed. offer cheaper alternatives already.

9. JustFab

Justfab Ecommerce Shoes
Value proposition examples – JustFab

Business model, Products/Services: JustFab is an eCommerce store that sells shoes and other fashion range.

Value proposition: JustFab offers a personalized shopping experience at an affordable price.

Like many disruptors, they have cut out part of the value chain, otherwise known as disintermediation.

10. Fanatics

Fanatics The Website For Sports Fans

Products/Services: Fanatics provides e-commerce, merchandising, marketing and fulfilment services for professional sports leagues and teams, collegiate athletic programs and conferences, and other major sports properties.

Value proposition: Customers can buy their favourite officially licensed items from Fanatics.

Fanatics has a large network of suppliers and sports partners allowing to produce and sell the latest sports apparel to fans globally.

11. Salesforce

Sales Force Unique Value Proposition

Products/Services: Salesforce is an online CRM and sales development platform. The platform is aimed at small business owners as well as enterprises.

Value proposition: The Salesforce value proposition is on ease of use and the ability for business owners to improve their sales, reach more customers and improve service.

Over the years Salesforce has acquired lots of companies that have improved the range of services it offers. Small businesses benefit from the integration of a number of of services that would otherwise have to be purchased separately.

12. Hook& Albert

Hook And Albert
Hook and Albert

Products/Services: Hook and Albert offer a range of travel bags and accessories.

Value proposition: These elegantly designed travel cases keep clothes neat when travelling for business or pleasure.

Luxury brands are some of the fastest-growing businesses in the world and cater to business people as well as affluent people.

13. Vimeo

Vimeo Unique Value Proposition
Vimeo unique value proposition

Products/Services: Vimeo offers a platform for individuals or businesses to securely host videos. Videos can be set to private viewing only and are often used in membership sites.

Value proposition: Vimeo offers a more secure way to host videos and set different permission levels, unlike YouTube.

14. Jord

Jord Wooden Watches
Value proposition examples – Jord wooden watches

Products/Services: Jord is an eCommerce store that offers customers a range of wooden watches and accessories.

Value proposition: Jord offer beautifully watches and accessories crafted from natural materials.

Their target market is fashionable and ethically-minded individuals who want to not buy leather or plastic goods.

15. Dogvacy

Value proposition examples – Dogvacy

Products/Services: Dogvacy is a platform that connects dog sitters with people that need dog sitting services.

Value proposition: This is a platform business model that provides a flexible service for dog owners to hire dog sitting services.

As a platform, it has two sides pet owners and dog sitters. The value proposition for dog sitters is equally important it offers a simple way to find dog sitters – “get paid to take care of dogs”.

16. Thumbtack

Thumbtack Value Proposition Examples
Value proposition examples – Thumbtack

Products/Services: This is lots of digital business models that harness the power of platforms. Thumbtack is one such platform that connects people who are looking for handy jobs to be done with reliable trade people.

Value proposition: Thumbtack finds tradespeople for free and gets estimates from professionals ready to do the job.

17. Fundly

Value proposition examples – Fundly

Products/Services: Fundly is an online fundraising platform that

Value proposition: Connect with potential funders to achieve your goal.

The platform offers a potential source of funding for non-profits as well as individuals. There are many other types of crowdfunding platforms available for startups and companies seeking investments for growth. Amongst the value proposition examples, you can begin to see a common theme of connecting people using platforms.

18. Gengo

Value proposition examples – Gengo

“Our intuitive platform allows companies of any size to order cost-efficient translations from professional translators.”

Products/Services: Custom translation services

Value proposition: Gengo males it easy to get translations done at a reasonable price.

19. Lyft

Lyft Unique Value Proposition
Lyft value proposition

Products/Services: Lyft provides an app for people to get shared rides shared rides, bikes, scooters, fancy cars, public transit. There are lots to do in your city, and we’ve got the rides to help you enjoy it all.

Value proposition: A one-stop-shop for getting around the cities of the world.

Lyft, like Uber, provides quick and convenient access to information about riders. Smartphone technology enables drivers to find rides and make money.

20. Intuit

Intuit Value Proposition
Value proposition examples – Intuit.

Products/Services: Accounting software.

Value proposition: Smart and simple to use accounting software for small businesses.

One of the big headaches of running a business is maintaining all the accounts. Prior to software like Quickbooks, it was a process of using Excel sheets and employing an accountant. Nowadays though software like Quickbooks integrated with other tools to make the process of keeping tabs on expenses and sales easy.

20. Square

Square Unique Value Proposition
Square unique value proposition

Products/Services: Flexible and mobile card processing services.

Value proposition: Easy payment processing for small businesses no matter where you sell.

This solution is one of my favourites because it enables small vendors to process card payments. The solution neatly fits with mobiles or tablets e.g. iPad to create a smart till.

21. Harry’s

Harrys Shaving Unique Value Proposition
Value proposition examples – Harry’s

Products/Services: Men’s razors and other grooming products.

Value proposition: Quality razors at a fair price.

Harry’s razors provide affordable quality razors without the high price tag of more elaborate razors in the market.

22. GoPro

The Gopro Value Proposition Examples
Value proposition examples – GoPro

“From cameras and drones to apps and accessories, everything you need to help capture life as you live it, share the experience and pass on the stoke.”


Products/Services: GoPro is a portable camera designed for travel, sports and adventure enthusiasts.

Value proposition: GoPro frees people to celebrate the moment and inspiring others to do the same.

23. Skillshare

Value proposition examples – Skillshare

Skillshare is a learning platform with online classes taught by the world’s best practitioners. Personalized, on-demand learning in design, photography, video, freelancing, and more.


Products/Services: Online classes and courses on creative skills.

Value proposition: Join Millions of Creators Learning with Skillshare

24. Deliveroo

Value proposition examples – Deliveroo

Products/Services: An app/website that allows you to quickly order from a selection of local restaurants and have it conveniently delivered to your door.

Value proposition: Order high-quality takeaway online from top restaurants, fast delivery straight to your home or office.

25. Uber

Uber Value Proposition

Products/Services: Uber is an app that provides easy access to drivers.

Value proposition: Easy convenient way to order a ride. The app also processes payments.

Find out more about how Uber makes money and the Uber business model.

26. Netflix

Netflix Value Proposition
Netflix video streaming service

Watch Netflix movies & TV shows online or stream right to your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and more.


Products/Services: Online and on-demand video streaming service.

Value proposition: Watch movies, documentaries or TV shows anytime on any device.

27. Amazon

Amazon Value Proposition
Value proposition examples – Amazon.

Products/Services: The worlds largest eCommerce store.

Value proposition: The ultimate online store – buy anything, anytime.

The Amazon business model has evolved since its early days selling books.

28. Evernote

Value proposition examples – Evernote

Products/Services: A note-taking app that syncs across all devices.

Value proposition: Your notes organized easily and effortlessly.

29. Stripe

Value proposition examples – Stripe

Products/Services: Stripe is easy to use the payment processing platform that integrates into lots of eCommerce stores.

Value proposition: Stripe builds the most powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce.

The target market for Stripe is eCommerce businesses – mostly small businesses to larger enterprise-level stores. The focus is on simplicity and the many integrations.

30. Walmart

Walmart value proposition

Products/Services: Walmart offers a one-stop-shop for anything a customer wants.

Value proposition: Buy the things you need at the best prices.

Target market: Lower- and middle-class bargain shoppers.

Value Proposition Examples – Now Develop Yours

The value proposition examples should help to inspire you to improve how you think about the value you offer your customers. Some businesses offer great value but have yet to tap into expressing it in their marketing and through their brand communications.

Use the value proposition canvas to create and refine how you offer value and stand out from the crowd.

Value Proposition Examples: 30 Of The Best Ever Created
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Innovation is happening faster than ever, keep up with new ideas, tools and technologies.




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