Internet Minute 2019 Vs 2019

What Happens in an Internet Minute in 2019?

A minute during your working week passes by without you noticing.

What can you achieve in a minute? As a moment of time, a minute may seem to be small. You may be lucky enough in a minute to grab a drink of coffee, scan your inbox or send a quick text.

However, in other situations, a minute can be an extraordinary amount of time, one in which life’s change. Imagine being a quarterback in the Superbowl in overtime, or finding yourself in a life-and-death situation in which every second count towards the outcome.

Visualizing an Internet Minute 2019

When it comes to appreciating the monumental scale of the internet, each minute presents a picture of the scale of our digital humanity and the extraordinary transformation of our world.

Today’s infographic from @LoriLewis and @OfficiallyChadd aggregates the online activity of billions of people globally, to visualise what an internet minute looks like.

What Happens In An Internet Minute 2019 Infographic

How does Google process over 3.8 million search queries in such a short span of time?

Simply put, the number of actions packed into just 60 seconds is extraordinary.

To get a better feel for the scale of social media read the post on social media statistics.

Year on Year The Changes – A Comparison 2018 to 2019

The internet is incredibly dynamic, which is shown in the infographic by the new segments that are appearing.

To get a sense of how and what is changing, compare last year’s version of this graphic with the more recent entry:

Internet Minute 2019 Vs 2019
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Innovation is happening faster than ever, keep up with new ideas, tools and technologies.

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