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Chanty – Team Chat Tool

Chanty is a brilliant team chat tool for small and medium-sized teams that doesn’t limit its searchable message history. While it is similar to Slack in some respects, as an example you can communicate in public and private channels. As a team tool, it organizes all your files, links, tasks, and conversations into folders in a feature called Teambook, something that Slack doesn’t so.

The interface is intuitive interface makes the chat tool a solid Slack alternative for the less tech savvy. But that being said, if you’re a techie, you can connect with a ton of apps through Zapier, making the team chat platform more flexible. Although it doesn’t have as many out of the box integrations they are planning to roll these out in future versions.

Chanty is a fast and affordable solution offering twice as much storage space compared to Slack. A built-in task manager allows you to turn any message into a task and get notified when it’s done. What’s also attractive about Chanty is its unlimited searchable message history even in a freemium plan (Slack has a limit of 10K).

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