Flock a tool to help startups get more done

Flock – All Your Work In One Place

Flock is a collaboration and communication app designed to help teams communicate faster and more efficiently. It has a wide range of features that include messaging, search and integrates with Google Drive.

Flock organizes all conversations in one place and allows a conversation to be turned into an action and then tracked.

The platform presents itself as a hub where teams can communicate and track their work. This app is ideal for startups, small businesses and virtual teams.

Key features

  • Create multiple teams
  • Create channels for each project
  • Virtual meetings with both audio and video calls
  • Time tracking
  • File sharing
  • Payroll
  • Multiple Integrations
  • Communication management
  • One-to-one and group chats
  • Search
  • Turn chats to tasks
  • Works across browsers, Apple/iPad, Android

Create multiple teams: This is particularly useful if you also work with contractors. You can create a separate “Team” within your Flock space and organise all of your documents, conversations and discussions.

Create channels for each project: Each project is organised as a Channel. Each channel can include all of your team or you can select members from the channel. Channels are a simple way to organise all resources of a project within a workspace.

One-to-one and group chats: Chat with any team member. Also, you can organise group chats within a channel. In addition, private channels allow you to create small restricted groups for individual projects. Public channels allow you to create channels where anyone can join.

File sharing: Organise all documents and share them with the members of a channel. Unlike other chat based messenger applications, Flock has an efficient system to organise and share files.

Audio & Video calling: The built-in audio/video calling facility allows you to communicate efficiently with teams without leaving the Flock interface.

Integrations: Integrate third-party productivity apps or build custom apps.

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