Crowdicity Idea Management Tool


Crowdicity is an intuitive idea management solution that offers organizations with powerful tools and features to collaborate across teams. It uses innovation to collect ideas and feedback from individuals within an organization and organizes the ideas through idea mapping techniques generated through real-time responses.

Overview of Crowdicity

Crowdicity enables you to connect with employees, partners or customers to gather ideas. Some of the main features include challenge management, activity management, search functionality, project tracking and much more.  

The software can also be used during formal or informal meetings for brainstorming sessions for projects or campaigns.

Crowdicity is an idea management solution that integrates within the existing organizational practice, leveraging familiar social tools for engaging people.

Businesses can seamlessly gather the ideas, thoughts and feedback of anyone at any level, at any time with a view to improving services. Set certain questions to provoke a barrage of solutions or advice on key decisions, using Crowdicity’s unique challenge management feature.

It is easy to sift, sort and evaluate responses in real time. If you run multiple challenges you can assign to different business owners, set inducement competitions to capture top concepts and raise timed challenges targeting custom user groups.

The main interface is elegantly designed and it is easy to build campaigns. The overall interface is easy to navigate and accessible to new users. The Crowdicity team also are helped with setting up the challenge and the platform. The platform provides every opportunity to bring in new ideas from a diverse crowd.

Key features of Crowdicity

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Creator Tracking
  • Evaluation Workflow
  • Idea Ranking check
  • Project Tracking
  • Trend Tracking


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