Vetter Idea Management Tool


Vetter is an online suggestion box system. Submitting ideas is straightforward and quick which makes it easy for employees.

Ideas can be submitted on a computer or through mobile apps. Forms can be customized or changed to be anonymous/not-anonymous settings.

Overview of Vetter

As we have more dynamic environments and more competition it is important for companies to continual improvement.

There are a lot of ideas and innovations that come from your people. Often good ideas internally get pushed to the side or simply forgotten due to the busy day to day activities in the workplace.

And as a business owner, department head and a leader, all you want is to make your employees happy and satisfied so they can perform better and be more productive in their jobs.

The truth is it is often difficult to get an idea of how your people really feel. This is where Vetter comes in, it is a web-based suggestion box for businesses.

Vetter is an online suggestion box designed for businesses that want to maximize productivity and efficiency by providing their employees with a way to air their concerns, suggestions and of course, ideas.

Users can submit innovative ideas and suggestions, rate ideas of their colleagues and even comment on those suggestions. Vetter offers five main features that enable administrators, department heads and decision-makers to easily start gathering and implementing suggestions and ideas from their employees.

Straightforward submission process

Submitting suggestions and ideas is pretty straightforward and quick with this online employee suggestion box. Suggestions can be submitted conveniently via computer or through the Vetter mobile applications for iOS and Android. Administrators also have a variety of options to choose from, allowing for more customization, including the ability to change the anonymous or not-anonymous setting.

Rating and commenting feature

The online platform allows employees and decision makers to give their own view of the ideas and suggestions and essentially get involved in an open and friendly forum. Plus, being able to rate and comment in a friendly environment can promote camaraderie and create further breakthroughs.

However, administrators do have the option to switch off the rating and commenting feature or have the service provider set up a system where you can first approve the comments and suggestions before it gets posted and become available for rating.

Feedback system

Vetter comes with a wide variety of tools and functions to help users give feedback as well as organize ideas provided by the employees. Through the feedback feature, you are able to input anything you want, whether it’s asking for more information about the idea provided, congratulating the person after the implementing of their suggestion or idea or even to politely reject a specific suggestion.

The platform has an Idea Owner feature that allows administrators to assign any user or employee as the idea owner of a particular idea. The idea owner will then be able to provide feedback on the idea or suggestion.


Administrators can set up a challenge for specific ideas. They can enter a specific name of the challenge, set a time limit, choose the participants of the challenge and even add a prize which is optional. All the features you need to target a specific area with a challenge is right at your fingertips. The Challenges feature is a great tool for encouraging innovation and promoting productivity for your workforce.

Reports and data

Vetter provides comprehensive reports and crucial data that allow users to get all the facts such as who has been submitting ideas, who has commented on the ideas, which suggestion or idea has been implemented, all of which you can set in a specific date range. The best part is that all your data can be easily and quickly exported via CSV or PDF file format, which is perfect if you’re creating a report or a PowerPoint presentation.

Key features of Vetter

  • Idea moderation – approve ideas before the go public
  • Tags
  • Track savings/gains per idea, in Vetter
  • Point system/gamification
  • Recognition module
  • Connector – enable employees without email addresses to participate

Try Vetter

Vetter an easy-to-use, easy-to-run
Employee Suggestion Box.


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