Spigit Idea Management Platform


Spigit utilizes a mix of social algorithms, game mechanics and traditional business workflow analytics to provide solutions for innovation and collaboration. 

Overview of Spigit

There are several different solutions available but its flagship product is Spigit Engage. A broad tool which can be used by business leaders, employees, customers, partners and fans alike, it comes with a number of features which companies may find useful.

Integration is a must when it comes to collaborative software and Spigit does not disappoint in this department.

Integrations include platforms such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Facebook and Yammer. 

There are a ton of features intended to cater to everyone from executives to customers and fans. 

Ideas are viewable from a user-friendly dashboard that includes customizable views and filters. The main measurement features are its RepUrank and IdeaRank, which are two ranking scores calculated from a large range of variable intended to provide an accurate measurement of a user’s overall reputation and an idea’s validity respectively. 

One of the more unusual features of Spigit Engage is the“Idea Market” where users can trade shares in ideas like stocks. Another unusual feature is the ability to support virtual currency which can be earned through participation. This currency can, in turn, be exchanged for prizes worth real money.

This innovation management tool offers all the features needed to uncover and manage revolutionary ideas and turn them into reality by bringing them into the market with least effort. Support for 11 languages and with 4 data centres around the globe, the platform ensures that the data is secure and always available.

Key features of Spigit

  • Patented Crowdsourcing
  • Game mechanics
  • Enterprise-grade security and scalability
  • Support for 11 languages
  • Four global data centers
  • Data visualization
  • Employee engagement incentives
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Virtual currency
  • Automated idea graduation
  • Machine learning
  • Dashboard creation
  • Idea trading
  • Customizable incentives

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An Idea Management Tool for Innovation and Crowdsourcing Ideas


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