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Gravity Forms is one of the easiest and best contact form plugin to create advanced forms for websites powered by widely-used WordPress. It allows you to create advanced forms that are responsive and work on mobiles. The plugin also integrates with popular web apps as well as online services, including payment gateways such as PayPal and CRM systems.


Forms can easily be embedded on your WordPress website either through a shortcode or widget. It is easy to create and build all kinds of forms, surveys and quizzes. What’s more, is that you don’t need any programming knowledge. Advanced Fields make the forms even more powerful by allowing capturing names, numbers, addresses, phone numbers and even file uploads. The Standard Fields cover almost all the basic form field fields like drop-downs, text fields, radio buttons and paragraph fields.

Gravity Forms allows you to easily embed forms on WordPress websites. The form builder is intuitive. Simply select fields and configure options to create forms, quizzes and much more. The Multi-page feature gives you the option of splitting up your forms into multiple pages. In addition to this, you can also add a progress bar that lets users know where they are in the process.

This form builder also allows you to use conditional logic for showing questions. A further feature is that you can set your form to have a limited number of entries e.g. for contests. A custom message is displayed once the limit is reached. Forms can even be scheduled and made available for a limited period of time by setting a start and end date/time. The Post Fields can be used to create forms that create posts on the website. This is particularly useful if you want to accept guest posts on your blog.

Conditional Logic is another notable feature that allows configuring forms to show or hide fields, pages, sections or the submit button based on certain criteria. This makes it super easy to tailor the forms according to user’s needs. Fields can he hidden based on a previous user-selection using conditional logic, while the same applies to sections.

Order forms feature pricing fields, allowing users to make selections and generate total amount based on those selections. In this way, you can turn your forms into eCommerce payments for products or items on your website.

The Product Fields can be used to select from multiple products, while the Option Fields allows adding more options of a product, which also impacts the total price. Users can also select shipping methods, which can be predefined and also impact the total price. Once a form is submitted, automatic notifications can be sent, including HTML emails. The plugin is also customizable and every element of a form can be targeted directly.

Key features of Gravity Forms

  • Multi-Page Forms.
  • Limit Entries.
  • Standard and Advanced Fields.
  • Form scheduling.
  • Pricing and Post Fields.
  • Conditional logic (Field, Section, Page, Submit Button).
  • Order forms (Product, option, shipping method, Total price).
  • PayPal Add-On for Payments.
  • Entry Management.
  • Email Notifications.
  • Conditional Logic based notifications.
  • Merge fields and HTML emails.
  • Customization (form loading, submission, administration and role management).
  • Layout & Styling.
  • Pre-defined CSS Classes.
  • Role Management.

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