Leadformly A Form Building Platform To Improve Conversions


Leadformly is a tool designed to help improve create high-converting lead capture forms. It makes it easy and quick to build some of the most powerful and high-converting lead forms, the kind that increases inbound leads to your website two or three fold.


Leadformly allows you to add different types of forms to your website. The flexible form builder lets you create pretty much any type of form you may want from the standard contact form to surveys or other data gathering forms. However, where it is better than most is in producing forms that generate leads. Potential customers who are interested in your products and who you can target with follow up emails. It does that with simple, interactive forms that feel more like tiny apps than just another standard row of text fields and bullets.

To say the least, forms can be quite boring. At the very best, they may consist of just a few questions and a submit button only; at worst, most of them consist of seemingly endless and long questions coupled with 1 – 10 rating scales that a lot of people may not be in a position to fill. However, Leadformly changes that and focuses on using the right questions so as to qualify all your leads early on.

With Leadformly, you have the capability of segmenting their leads into ‘buckets’, an aspect that can assist you to focus your marketing, do away with poor performing leads, and convert more leads into paying customers.

Leadformly Benefits

Leadformly is one of the best form builders available in the market today. Part of this is due to its user-friendly interface coupled with its timely support that a lot of people love.

Leadformly’s priced a bit higher than many of its other form building platforms, but it’s more focused on helping you get new customers for your business. In fact, you can enter how valuable one new lead is to your business, and it will then tell you how much each form is worth to your business right from the landing page. And with its unique, page-based design, your forms just might be more fun for your respondents—something they’ll want to fill out.

Key features of Leadformly

  • Drag & drop form builder.
  • Multi-user management.
  • Advanced conditional logic.
  • Unlimited forms.
  • 15+ question types.
  • 1000+ integrations.
  • Form analytics.
  • GDPR compliant & SSL encryption.
  • Intelligent spam blocker.
  • Optimised templates.
  • Webhooks.
  • Hidden fields.
  • Validation.
  • Email notifications.

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Being unique and competitive though isn't just about your product though.

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