Surveysparrow The Flexible User Survey Platform For Startups


SurveySparrow is a survey and feedback platform that allows businesses to create and manage surveys. The platform allows you to build and distribute surveys easily and using multiple channels. The surveys are aimed at either employee surveys or customer satisfaction surveys.

The Employee Pulse Surveys helps companies understand their employees, their culture and identify any issues. The goal is to create higher levels of employee engagement, identify productivity issues and enable better collaboration. On the other hand, Customer Pulse Surveys helps companies identify customer satisfaction.

SurveySparrow is built to help with a measure of the sentiment of their target audience. Using this feedback you can harness the power of feedback your business can take the necessary actions to develop a more coherent strategy to improve.


With SurveySparrow, you can craft professional-looking surveys effortlessly. You can distribute your surveys via multiple channels, enabling you to reach your target audience easily and quickly.

The logic options allow you to create tailored pathways based on the answers that people give, either employees or customers. Each survey is highly customizable. As an example, you can change the colour of the surveys, add images and the presentation of the questions.

There is a huge selection of question types you can use. In addition, you can automate several aspects of the process, such as sending reminder emails.

Key features of SurveySparrow

  • Customize Questions, Answers, Buttons.
  • Skip logic to bypass questions when certain logic is met.
  • Display logic that shows questions based on certain conditions.
  • Multiple logic blocks to quickly program clever surveys.
  • Make surveys personal by ‘Piping’ previous answers in subsequent questions.
  • Display a customized results page to each respondent after evaluating results using Expressions.
  • Use Custom params to include relevant info with custom variables.
  • Survey Builder.
  • Multiple Channels for Survey Sharing.
  • Deep Insights.
  • Mobile-First Surveys.
  • Recurring Surveys.
  • Audience Management.

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