Social Interior Design App

The Social Interior Design App For Your Home Projects

Social Interior Design App
The Social Interior App – Making Spaces Look Good Collaboratively

Social Interior Design App: The Problem

Your home is the biggest purchase you will make. Everyone uses their home to sleep, eat, relax, but it also reflects your tastes and preferences, it is a  gallery of your experiences and an expression of who you are. Designing your home to reflect your style, personality and taste have sparked huge numbers of TV programmes and subsequent events. We are now inundated with choices on how to design our homes, but often people lack the confidence in choosing colours, themes and coordinating items, and of course, this has resulted in a cottage industry (!) of interior design experts.

Social Interior Design App: The problem for the average person

  • Lack of confidence in choosing matching colours and themes.
  • Don’t fully understand the ranges available and those ranges are on several different sites.
  • No easy way to connect to share information – social networks provide capability but not content.
  • No easy way of sharing the overall project or status.
  • No easy way of adding in photos on the fly.
  • Design apps and web-based apps aren’t driven by design.

Social Interior Design App – The Idea

The Social Interior Design App provides an easy one-stop-shop to work on a project using mobile or tablet (e.g. iPad). The idea is to have easy and quick access to design items, friends’ input and toolset to help guide and develop your ideas. The Interior Design app would help people connect with their friends and ask their opinions, see how their friends are doing with their projects, what they have liked chosen, taken photos of (all features could be set to private or open to friends or set to selected friends).

Social Interior Design App – The Benefits

Social Interior Design App – The benefits are:

  • Designer brands can provide directly to people.
  • People get toolset integrated with their phone functionality so they can easily take photos, find stores, share information.
  • Designer brands get access to trends/data and subsequent insights into how to improve their products or services.
  • Stores get access to customers at the point of decision making.
  • Further possibilities for affiliates and advertising.

What are your thoughts on the social interior design app?

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