How To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Test if your website is mobile friendly and if not some quick ways to make it quicker and faster for your customers.

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How To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Do you know how many customers are coming to your website each day/week using their mobile, discover how to make your site mobile friendly to give them the best experience.

How To Make Site Your Site Mobile Friendly: Four Tools To Test

We are now multi-screen consumers of media and our mobiles are the go-to way to search.

We chat, take pics and share stuff every day.

But many businesses seem to not connect the growth in mobile browsing with the user experience of their website.

The fact is that mobile traffic to websites is accelerating as more people browse the internet using smartphones and tablets e.g. iPads.

To find out more about the figures behind the growing mobile trend you can visit Statista.

I listed down four of the most amazing and easy-to-use mobile-friendly test tools.

1. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

This tool is very easy to use, all you need to do is enter your website URL and it will generate a report that will tell whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

2. HubSpot’s Marketing Grader

Just like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, HubSpot’s Marketing Grader has the capability to analyze if your site is responsive.

3. W3C mobileOK Checker

The World Wide-Web Consortium (W3C) provides a more detailed and technical analysis as well as recommendations that site owners can follow to meet the standards of a good, mobile-friendly website.

4. BrowserStack

BrowserStack is the tool I use to analyse websites and make recommendations to clients. The best bit about this tool is that it gives you actual screenshots of how a website looks on each type of device.

Key Reason Why You Need To A Mobile Friendly SIte

The mobile trend then demands that business you pay attention to how your content is seen on these devices.

Key Points

  • With more potential customers coming to your website on mobile you need to give them a mobile-friendly experience.
  • Mobile customers want information quickly and in a way that is easy to digest – so prioritise the content and making it easy to find you, call you or find the most important information e.g. restaurant opening hours.
  • Time matters – have a fast mobile site = lower bounce rates on mobile = more potential customers

How To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

The first thing to do is to understand how much traffic is coming from mobile devices. To do this login to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics shows you how many visitors are coming to your website via mobile and on by what type of device. The bigger the percentage the more critical it is to be mobile.

It is also worth testing how friendly your website looks on a mobile or tablet.

Here are some options on how to make your site mobile friendly. Choosing the right method will depend on your existing site and what you are trying to achieve.

How To Make Your Site Mobile – WordPress Options

Use A Responsive Theme

A responsive WordPress theme helps by changing the layout to fit mobiles. Most new themes from leading suppliers like StudioPress have a great range of responsive themes. This probably needs to be tied in with producing a new website.


How To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Google has its own standard in terms of mobile-friendly code and it is called AMP. Load instantly on mobile devices and designed for higher engagement with Google AMP. You can read about it over at Google here. Needless to say, if you want your mobile pages to conform to Google standards then you might want to consider using AMP. If you use WordPress, like this site, then I recommend you try AMPforWP. they have a range of plugins that let you turn your WordPress pages and Posts into AMP versions without losing necessary functions and styling.

WP Touch Pro

Wp Touch Pro A Way To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

WPtouch Pro is a simple WordPress plugin that transforms your WordPress site into a mobile friendly version. Some of the main features of WPTouch Pro includes easy customization options, themes and an easy to use admin panel.

WordPress Mobile Pack

This plugin has two key features: device adaptation & mobile recognition. It detects the mobile device and the browser and then adjusts your post into suitable pages for the mobile visitor.

Summary and Key Points

My recommendation if you are using WordPress is to go for WPTouch Pro as a start point to get mobile. For faster loading and customised look go you can use AMPFORWP.

Key points:

  • Remember to prioritise your content and structure so your customers get what they need quickly
  • Check your site with customers to get direct feedback and adjust your mobile site
  • Keep track of your Google Analytics to see the effect and adapt to optimise
  • Develop a long term strategy for mobile – it is here to stay e.g. you might also want to have your own mobile app
  • Optimise your SEO for mobile

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