Whatagraph Website And Social Data Analytics

Whatagraph – Visualize Website and Social Data Quickly and Easily

Whatagraph is a simple to use platform that automatically converts website and social analytics data into visual infographic reports.

It can be hard sometimes to pull out valuable insights from data analytics, especially for non-technical people who just want information delivered plainly to them.

Whatagraph though makes the whole process a lot easier and more visual. Data is transformed into visual information and laid out in a way that is easy to read and understand. And when you understand what your data means, you can easily start to make smart business decisions and take immediate actions to drive business growth.

Whatagraph gathers data from more than 10 data different sources without getting you involved in the process. The data gathering procedure is automated from start to finish. Furthermore, the process makes sense of all the information and turns them into easy to understand reports.

The reports can be automatically delivered to your inbox for you to analyze and share with your team. This may sound simple but it’s a big productivity win. Clearly, you save a whole lot of time and spare yourself from the headaches that come with data work and analysis.

When you need to analyze specific data based, you can do it with Whatagraph. You can create a custom report by entering the date range that you want.

Some of the key features of Whatagraph:

  • Automation – set-up your reports and watch as they are automatically generated and then sent to your inbox.
  • Review reports before they go out.
  • Add comments to your reports.
  • Customized formatting for reports.
  • Multi-source reports.
  • Custom data widgets.
  • Personalized reports.
  • Easy handoffs to team members.
  • Easy sharing capabilities.
  • Streamlined client management.

Whatagraph also integrates with your Facebook profiles integrating your Facebook business pages to keep you updated.

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Integrate your social and web data visually

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