What Is Faang

FAANG – These Tech Giants = 10th Largest Economy In the World

FAANG is the acronym for the tech giants Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.

In 2019, the total revenue from these five tech companies amounted to a staggering $674 billion.

To put that into context, if FAANG were a Country, it would be the 10th biggest economy in the world just behind Canada.

What are FAANG stocks?

FAANG stocks are public shares traded for Facebook (FN), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NLFX) and Google(GOOGL).

How Do The FAANG Companies Compare?

What Is Faang
FAANG revenue and net income figures for FY 2019

Facebook Information and Market Cap

Products And Services:Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus, Facebook Business, Facebook Games, Facebook Live, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Portal
Company Competitors:Amazon (advertising), Apple , Google (advertising), Linkedin, Microsoft, Pinterest, Tencent (social media), TikTok, Twitter, YouTube

Facebook Revenue and Net Income Report

Facebook is the 4th largest company out of the FAANG group but the third most profitable. After Google, it also has the largest number of users.

The Facebook business model is based on the hidden revenue model. In other words, Facebook users use the platform for free in exchange and advertisers pay to be able to promote products/services to users.

How Does Facebook Makes Money
How Facebook makes money

Amazon Information And Market Cap

Products And Services:Amazon.com, Amazon Echo and Alexa, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Music, Audible, Amazon AWS, iMDb, Junglee, PillPack, Twitch, Whole Foods Market, Zappos.com
Company Competitors:Alibaba, Apple Music & Apple TV, Costco, ebay, Google Play, JD (Jingdong), Netflix, Otto, Flipkart, Wallmart

Amazon Revenue And Net Income Report

Amazon is the eCommerce giant and has the largest turnover out of the FAANG stocks. However, it principally sells third-party products and hence makes less margin than those companies that sell their own products e.g. Apple.

The Amazon business model is diversified. Within Amazon, there are several different services and business models e.g. Amazon Prime Video (a subscription business model).

Amazon How Does Amazon Make Money
How Amazon makes money

Apple Information And Market Cap

Company name: Apple
Founders: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne
Annual revenue: (FY 2019): $260.17 Billion
Profit | Net Income: FY 2019: $ 55.25 Billion
Market Cap: (Feb, 2020): $1.19 Trillion
Year founded: 1976
Company CEO: Tim Cook
Headquarters: Cupertino, California, USA
Link: Apple
Number of employees: (FY 2019): 137,000
Type of business: Public
Ticker symbol: AAPL
Company Competitors:Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Dell, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix

Apple Revenue And Net Income Report

Apple is the second largest of the FAANG group by revenue but the largest by net income. The Apple business model has changed from a pure product company to a product and service offering.

How Apple Makes Money
How apple makes money

Netflix Information And Market Cap

Products And Services:Video On Demand,

Netflix Revenue And Net Income Report

Unlike many of the other FAANG members, the Netflix business model hasn’t changed over time.

How Netflix Makes Money
How Netflix Makes Money – The Netflix Business Model

Google Information And Market Cap

Company name: Google (A subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.)
Founders: Larry Page, Sergey Brin
Annual revenue: $161,857 million
Profit | Net Income: $34,343 million
Market Cap: $1,051 billion(10th February, 2020)
Year founded: 1998
Company CEO: ‎Sundar Pichai‎
Headquarters: Mountain View, USA
Link: Google
Number of employees: 118,899 Full Time Employees (Dec, 2019)
Type of business: Public
Ticker symbol: GOOGL(Class A) and GOOG(Class C)
Products And Services:Android, Chromecast, FitBit, Google Ads, Google Cast, Google Chrome, Google G-Suite, Google Pay, Google Pixel, Google Play, Google Music, Nest, Wear OS, YouTube

Google Revenue And Net Income Report

The Google business model is still dominated by its huge advertising revenues. However, they are investing heavily in ‘other bets’ that may yet see new revenue streams and growth in the future.

How Does Google Make Money
How Does Google Make Money? An infographic explaining the many revenue streams.

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