Morningfame Video Keyword Research Tool

MorningFame – Keyword Tool for YouTube

MorningFame helps you research your topics before creating the videos (IF you want to get views and grow your channel, that is).

You do not want to put that much time into producing a video and then just hope that people watch it? With good research, you will know exactly how to word your YouTube title, description, and tags to optimize your video to get as many views as possible.

Without this research, it’s a shot in dark… you’re just swinging the axe hoping to hit something (and that sounds dangerous!).

Morningfame Video

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Overview of MorningFame

Morning Fame is a new keyword tool for YouTube, it is continuously in development and being improved. To make sure you get the most up to date information about what Morningfame is capable of, be sure to create an account and claim your 30-day free trial.

According to YouTube expert and creator of the very popular and helpful book Tube Ritual Brian G. Johnson there was a paper put out by a Google employee that pretty much stated YouTube rewards relevancy over keywords and titles.

Once you pick your topic, title, write out your description and choose your tags it will tell you what your relevancy is a.k.a. Opportunity to rank your video against the bigger guys might’ve already covered the same subject.

With the Keyword planning tool you go step by step and you actually learn what’s going on and why it takes you down these paths as you go. You can either put in a new topic idea and start researching that, or it gives you some clues about which of your videos have done so well that you might consider making more videos related to those ones.

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Video Marketing Tools Summary

There are lots of video marketing tools in the market and the impact of artificial intelligence is changing how you produce, market and disribute your videos. Keep up to date with the latest and best video marketing tools and watch how AI impacts the future of marketing.

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