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KWFinder is a remarkably well-pricing SEO tool and is ideal for those that want to have a simple way to get results. Niche sites are built on the back of keyword research tools.

If you’re interested in improving the SEO of your website and want to rank as a suggested search result when relevant, researching keywords to rank for is often one of the best choices you can make. 

In a world of too many competitors, there are some tools that stand out above the crowd. KWFinder is one of the newest (and, dare I say, one of the best) products on the market.

Overview of KWFinder

What separates this keyword tool is its strong focus on simplicity, keeping user experience at the heart of both design and functionality.

Aside from KW Finder’s clean – and frankly impressive – interface, it offers a one-click keyword difficulty score system as well as some unique research options rarely found in other keyword research tools.

There’s no point in trying to rank for keywords if no one is searching for them.

You need a tool that quickly look at individual keyword phrases and evaluate both the monthly search volume and the overall strength of Google’s page 1 results.

Firstly, it allows you to plug in a seed keyword to generate a list of related keyword suggestions, and even includes alternative research options to give you a different mix of results.

Keywords are colour coded into difficulty, you have a small SERP overview, detailed traffic pattern for the past few years, and several other features that we’re going to break down in a minute.

You can also quickly evaluate the overall difficulty of any keyword suggestion using either the reliable keyword difficulty score or the built-in SERP analysis.

Finally, you can trim down and manage your results with the usual filter options, including monthly search volumes, specific modifiers and even keyword competitiveness.

Key features of KWFinder

  • Probably the most intuitive UI of any keyword research tool on the market
  • Web-based application – bypassing most compatibility issues
  • Strong data aggregation for keyword analysis
  • Multiple research options for unique keyword opportunities
  • Reliable, one-click keyword difficulty score for any keyword
  • Fast and high-quality support
  • One of the cheapest keyword research tools you can buy

Try KWFinder to see what it can do for you.

Try KWFinder

The easy to use keyword and SEO tool 
that transforms how you research, plan and craft your content. 

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How To Improve Your SEO

There are four steps to improving your SEO:
  1. Optimize your site and improve quality and relevance of your content.
  2. Optimize your content for rich snippets, interlink and group together relevant knowledge on your site.
  3. Build links - promote your content through social and outreach.
  4. Build an email list to improve repeat visits to your site.
To achieve this you need to use the best SEO tools and the best SEO tips. Enjoy and if you have questions then please content me.

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