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Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins ever. It is also one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress websites.

Overview of Yoast SEO

WordPress is already SEO friendly out of the box because of the coding and the way it presents this to search engines like Google.

However, thousands of websites compete to gain top positions in search results. This makes it a little bit challenging for new websites to perform better in search results.

An SEO plugin helps you easily optimize your website to perform better in search results. It provides you with the details of how, and what, to include on your page. For example, using image tags, keywords, submitting sitemaps, using webmaster tools, etc.

This is a WordPress plugin that comes with tons of features to optimize your website. It has built-in content analysis, meta keywords and description management, managing duplicate content, xml sitemaps, social features, rich snippets, and much more.

Although many SEO functions can be automated with Yoast, it also works on a regular basis to analyze and offer feedback on every piece of content posted to your site. When you open your site’s content editor, the Yoast metabox also appears and asks you to enter a focus keyword.

The free version of the plugin includes some essential SEO functions for your WordPress site. If you want more features then you will need t buy the premium version or one of the many extensions.

Yoast News SEO can optimize a site to improve its chances for appearing in Google Newsfeeds, and Yoast Video SEO provides tools for optimizing video content. There’s also Yoast Local SEO, which positions a site for geographically relevant searches. The Premium SEO plugin also includes additional tools for webmasters, technical support, and numerous tutorials for using Yoast.

Key features of Yoast SEO (Premium)

  1. Keyword Optimization
  2. Preview Of Your Page
  3. Readability Check
  4. Full Control Over Your Breadcrumbs
  5. No Duplicate Content
  6. Technical Stuff In The Background
  7. Automatic Updates And Upgrades
  8. Internal Linking Suggestions
  9. Content Insights
  10. Redirect Manager
  11. Focus Keyword Export

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The best SEO plugin for WordPress. Optimize your keywords, keyphrases, synonyms, related keywords and all word forms on your WordPress site.

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