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IZEA is an influencer marketing platform that allows you to find social media personalities who can create content to share on their channels. Within this, you can review, approve (or decline), schedule, monitor, track, and analyse the performance of all content submitted by participants in your campaign.

IZEA is a sophisticated all-in-one influencer marketing platform which is packed full of features. Essentially, IZEA can manage the full influencer campaign process from the initial discovery of influencers through to detail analytics on campaign results.

Overview of IZEA

First of all, IZEA has a wide range of filters and refinements to help you discover the influencers to match your brand and your campaign. The filters include the ability to refine results based on audience size, demographics, interests, keywords, social channels, and many more.

IZEA also is complemented by the fact it has a network of high-quality creators. Creative, talented writers, photographers, graphic designers, and videographers are able to join

IZEA cleverly differentiates between high-quality content producers and social influencers. In other words, you might have a video producer that doesn’t have much of a social following but produces amazing work. That work can be pushed through the network of social influencers to get exposure to the right audience.

As you discover influencers that are suitable you can add them to list(s). reate lists to keep track of who you’ve got your eye on, and for what campaign.

IZEA though has an integrated communication hub that then seamlessly works with lists to help you communicate and recruit influencers. Furthermore, your team can view these lists and communications, if you give them the right permissions.

IZEA’s campaign management tools streamline the process of creating, executing, and managing your influencer marketing. Creators can be recruited through an open bidding system, where IZEA’s algorithm matches your requirements with any of the creators who would be a good fit, according to the criteria you define.

Like most influencer marketplaces, IZEA gives you the ability to review, approve (or decline), schedule, monitor, track, and analyse the performance of all content submitted by participants in your campaign.

As indicated, IZEA is much more than a simple marketplace or influencer marketing tool. When you’ve agreed to terms with a creator, payment is made up front to an escrow account. Once the content is approved, funds are released to the creator and deposited in their PayPal account. It isn’t just fees that IZEA manages, though: there’s also expense tracking and tax compliance built in. And when payments are made, budgets get updated with line item tracking for every expenditure.

Key features of IZEA

  • Influencer/Creator Discovery
  • Influencer Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Content Creation, Curation, and Distribution
  • Payments
  • Integrated Facebook Post Promotion
  • FTC and WOMMA Compliance
  • Reporting and Analytics


IZEAx 3.0 is the new generation influencer marketing platform. The newly designed and re-engineered IZEAx gives you more scale, flexibility, and freedom than ever.

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