Pitchbox Influencer Marketing Tool

PitchBox Influencer Marketing Tool

Pitchbox is an outreach tool designed to help you target influencers and find other outreach opportunities. One of the key features is its ability to act as CRM (customer relationship management) tool for outreach. The platform has goof email management features to keep track of communications at each stage of your outreach.

Overview of Pitchbox

You can create a campaign for targeting influencers, for example, or a campaign for shifting your efforts toward sharing your content on platforms like news outlets and blogs.

Just enter a few keywords, and Pitchbox will scan the internet, turning up outreach prospects with contact details and authority info.

When you start reaching out, the tool’s opportunity tracker will be there to help you track your progress. Pitchbox’s beauty is the ability to research without leaving the program.

Pitchbox allows you to write email templates that you can send to prospective leads. You can customize things like the name and company of the recipient—a la MailChimp and the like.

From there, you can create additional templates for following up. For example, after your first attempt at outreach, you can send a second email a week later, then a “final attempt” email again at a later, prescheduled time.

This is probably one of the best features this tool has to offer as it helps you keep your outreach efforts automated and organized.

Prospects are determined by Pitchbox, based on whatever criteria you punch in. Say you’re a tech company—your search results might come with a list of tech blogs, review sites and influencers interested in your new solution.

You can then drill down, making your recommendations more relevant—weeding out competitors or sites that don’t quite align with your goals or sites with a MozRank lower than 75.

Key features of Pitchbox

Pitchbox Features Influencer Marketing
  • Customized email outreach
  • White-label management, client, and team reports.
  • Influencer outreach
  • Advanced search – find niche blogs you would otherwise overlook.
  • 48-Hour search – remove old, inactive, or slow blogs
  • Product reviews – blogs that review products in a niche.
  • Competitive backlinks – SEO analysis that helps you identify where your competitors are getting their links from.
  • Imports – build lists of sites and contacts.

Try Pitchbox

Pitchbox allows you to find influencers in your niche in a matter of seconds. Integrates with top SEO providers to pull back the most authoritative publishers.

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